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Services and Approach

I understand the unique process and relationships associated with building business in the architectural, engineering and construction industry in addition to training staff in these roles.  

I would be delighted to assist your firm either as an independent resource to research potential projects and opportunities or as an extension of your business development staff to assist in building teams and relationships that will win work. I am happy to provide references upon request.

We will work with you upfront to completely understand your desire for growing your business. This involves understanding all past and current experience, resources and the regions and markets you wish to grow or expand. As you likely know, building business within a new or young market for your firm will not happen overnight and relationships will take time to build. However, we would be excited to jump in and support your firm’s efforts to build upon existing relationships and markets and assist in building new ones.

RFQ, RFP, lead and client research to position your firm within your desired markets and regions

Existing client maintenance and implementation of an existing marketing and/or business development plan

Lead cultivation, contact management and assistance with teaming for opportunities as well as building relationships for future teaming

Related marketing support including research and development for both proposals and collateral.

If desired, targeted business development planning and road map to assist your firm in determining which markets and regions to pursue.

Onsite seller-doer training to improve business development and marketing processes by management and technical staff.

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